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This is the privacy policy of and it lays out the ways in which we protect your information. This policy affects only information which is collected by the owners, managers, contributors, and authors of this site, collectively referred to as 'we or 'us'.

Access to your information

We are the only persons who collect information as a result of your visit to this website, and the only ones to have access to it.

What information we collect

Apart from information on our web logs, none of which can directly identify you, the only information we will have about you is what you tell us voluntarily by contacting us in some way.

What we do with this information

We will use information you provide us with in order to answer any queries you may have and help you in any way that we can. We will not use it to send you any unsolicited material.

We will not rent, sell or otherwise transfer any of the information that we hold about you to any other person or business unless we are obliged to do so under the following circumstances:

A court of law orders us to do so

We are obliged to take legal action against you for suspected criminal acts or civil damages

We believe that it is in the interests of law enforcement that we do so.

Contacting you

We may contact you if we feel it is important for us to do so. This will not be done lightly; and we will not send you any spam, which we detest.

Security of your information

We carry out recognised security precautions in order to protect all data that we hold on any person. Any confidential information is encrypted when transmitted to us. You can confirm this by looking for the closed lock icon at the top of the web page.

Protection of your data off-line

We are the only people with access to the data which we hold about you. This is kept encrypted on computers which are in turn kept in a secure environment.

Your access to our data

You are entitled to ask for a copy of any data that we hold about you. We will provide you with this information free of charge. Before doing so we will need to be certain about your bona fides so you must be prepared to provide us with evidence such as copies of your passport or other identifying documents, and evidence of your address, such as recent utility bills.

Deletion of data

We will delete any data that we hold about you within 14 days of any request to do so that we receive from you. We will again need to check your bona fides as above.


We may use cookies on this site. These are small files which are sent down to your hard drive and they help us to improve your use of our website. We do not collect any data whatsoever on these cookies which falls outside of this narrow requirement and therefore we do not need your permission to use cookies.

You can of course block cookies completely, although if you do so many websites will not work as well as you would like them to. The method used to block them varies from one browser to another so you should use a search engine to find the exact technique for your own browser.

Third-party websites

This site carries links to other websites. These are owned by other companies and we have no control over them so we are not responsible for their privacy policies. You are urged to check their policies, particularly if they require sensitive information from you, to make sure that you find them acceptable.

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